Wrap up of The Fountainhead discussion and our next discussion

We completed the group discussion of The Fountainhead right before Thanksgiving of 2015. It was a huge success! Discussing The Fountainhead was a wonderful way to explore the application of Objectivism to our careers, relationships, and lives.

All our members took turns leading our dinner discussions with their own questions so we had an interesting and thought provoking mix of discussion topics and perspectives. I've decided to make these discussions available to anyone who'd like to explore The Fountainhead with the same curiosity and comprehensiveness that we did. I hope you enjoy and learn! Click here for the questions.

After New Years, we started reading Objectivism: The Philosophy of Ayn Rand by Dr Leonard Peikoff. I'm excited to be exploring the fundamentals and nitty gritty proofs and applications of Objectivism after probing many of the edges during our discussion of The Fountainhead. We've been meeting every Wednesday in Baltimore City to discuss, so join our mailing list if you want to participate! We'd love to have you.