The Fountainhead Discussion Group

Our discussion of The Fountainhead has been going very well! It has been quite enjoyable to compare insights and opinions on the book that introduced many of us to Objectivism. Although we all have been studying the philosophy for some time, it's interesting how different our interpretations of Ayn Rand's nuanced and highly complex characters have been. Further, as this is the first fiction book we have discussed in a while, we routinely have found ourselves discussing what lessons for life may be taken from The Fountainhead and which are merely striking storytelling devices. (Spoiler alert: Don't be a rapist but do have integrity!)

Tomorrow our discussion covers the last two chapters of Part 2: Ellsworth M Toohey. I am looking forward to continuing to delve into the motivations and worldviews of these characters as they find themselves in increasingly complex situations. If you would like to join us, click the "Join" tab and fill out the form to receive Google Calendar invitations to our events.