Session 5: "Nothing Less Than Victory"

On Thursday, January 5th, we will resume our discussion of John David Lewis’s “Nothing Less Than Victory”! 

Over the past few months, we have reviewed the effects that moral ideas had on the generals and soldiers of many battles, campaigns, and strategies of the ancient world (with Dr. Lewis as our guide, of course). 

In Session Five, we will begin our look at warfare in the modern world with a critical analysis of William Tecumseh Sherman’s march through the South during the American Civil War.  Often vilified and damned by historians and military theorists as a practitioner of unjust war, Sherman was anything but immoral in his conduct of warfare:  his thoughts and actions demonstrated an advanced and integrated understanding of the proper moral reasoning for the use of force.  Dr. Lewis, as always, reveals himself to be the consummate teacher of ideas by seamlessly moving between abstract principles and their concrete representatives in one of the deadliest periods of American history.  This chapter, “The Hard Hand of War”, clearly shows the connection between rational moral ideas and success in warfare (and, on a broader note, success in life).

We will host the discussion at The Metropolitan Coffeehouse and Bar in Baltimore, MD from 7:00-8:30 PM.  New attendees are always welcome.  See you all then!