Summer Brunch Series: Basics of Objectivism

I'm announcing today a new series for people interested in learning more about Philosophy and Objectivism. We are calling it our Summer Brunch Series: Basics of Objectivism. Join us at the Gin Mill on May 22nd at 11am.

Our first session will discuss Ayn Rand's speach given at West Point called "Philosophy: Who Needs It?". Here is a breif description from ARI's website:

In March 1974, Ayn Rand faced the improbable task of lecturing on the crucial importance of philosophy—to the graduating class of West Point. She succeeded magnificently: she attracted three times the expected attendance, she elicited an enthusiastic ovation, and her lecture was reprinted in a new philosophy textbook published by the U.S. Military Academy. Relive this memorable occasion, and rediscover the irresistible intellectual power of Ayn Rand.

Pick up the book with the same title at any bookstore or on Amazon. You can listen to Ms. Rand give the lecture, along with her Q&A, on the ARI website