Atlas Shrugged Reading Group

Due to popular demand, Charm City Objectivists Society will start hosting weekly study groups for fans of Ayn Rand's epic novel Atlas Shrugged starting in September.

In these Atlas Shrugged Reading Groups (ASRGs), members read and discuss Ayn Rand's gripping and controversial novel over the course of twenty weekly meetings. Each meeting lasts ninety minutes; it covers about sixty pages of the novel. Discussion is guided by questions prepared by Diana Hsieh (Ph.D, Philosophy) and given to members in advance. CCOS's Atlas Shrugged Reading Groups are open to any fan of the novel interested in discussing the characters, events, and ideas of the novel in greater depth.

Membership Standards

To avoid the problem of spoilers, members of CCOS's Atlas Shrugged Reading Groups should have read the novel in full at least once before. They should be fans of the novel, even if they disagree with aspects of it.

Members of the Atlas Shrugged Reading Groups differ in their experiences and philosophic ideas, as well as in their familiarity with Ayn Rand's writings and philosophy. The goal of the group is to better understand Atlas Shrugged in a friendly and constructive way, not to engage in acrimonious debate or proselytizing.

All members should read (or re-read) the assigned chapters of the novel before the meeting. They should bring a copy of Atlas Shrugged with them to the meeting, as well as a copy of that week's questions. They should help keep the discussion on-track, meaning focused on the assigned chapters of the novel. Most of all, they should act in friendly -- or at least civil -- way toward others.

People who prove disruptive to the aims of the Atlas Shrugged Reading Group will be removed from it.

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